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The Hopkins Association for Stroke Awareness (HASA) is a student-run volunteer organization at The Johns Hopkins University that raises awareness about stroke to decrease stroke prevalence in Baltimore.  Our advisor Brenda Johnson, nurse practitioner and Stroke Program Manager at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH),  has provided us opportunities to speak with patients at the JHH Brain Rescue Unit about stroke prevention and collaborate with the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Power to End Stroke campaign (

HASA - Hopkins Association for Stroke Awareness

Our collaboration with AHA gives us the opportunity to conduct independent health assessments and distribute AHA-provided brochures and materials at local health fairs.  HASA volunteers participate in health fairs year-round in Baltimore and the surrounding area, including the Baltimore Heart Walk, World Stroke Day and the Collington Park’s Day of Hope.  At each event, we speak with community members about stroke risk factors, distribute pamphlets, and provide free blood pressure screenings.  We also host cooking demonstrations and distribute free samples from heart-healthy recipe books, to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. 

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